Saturday, September 22, 2012

On Sino-American Nuclear Talks

For further relief from the Sturm und Drang views of East Asian issues, Jeffrey Lewis (full disclosure: I had dinner under the tracks of the Yamanote Line with Dr. Lewis a few years back) offers his eminently readable take on the issue of strategic stability in between the United States and China.

Dr. Lewis always writes on the bright side of life, an attitude that has served him well save in one instance -- that funny box on the Euphrates that turned out to be a North Korean-built Syrian nuclear reactor (with the current violence and chaos in Syria, is anyone sending the Israelis chocolate or flowers thanking them for having bombed that absurdity out of existence?).

Dr. Lewis should come to Tokyo more often and get better press. With the jousting over the Senkakus and yes-we-will-no-we-won't dispute over nuclear power phaseout, a lot of uninformed nonsense about nuclear weapons is issuing from the mouths of individuals who really should be keeping their thoughts to themselves.

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