Friday, September 21, 2012

They Love Me In the PRC

Friends have been telling me for years that Shisaku is blocked by The Great Firewall of China.

Just now I received an email to the blog address with an intentional misinterpretation of a comment I made to National Public Radio on Thursday.

They, who ever they may be, obviously know my character -- that I would go out of my way to clarify my meaning in an emailed response, revealing my IP address.

Only that that used to be my character. Recently been bombarded with so many emails and opinion articles crammed with inanities and twisted, misleading framings of questions that I have had to learn to just ignore them, rather than wasting my time typing out a response.

If the Chinese only knew how much I worry about their welfare; how much I admire what Deng and his successors have done, guiding and enriching a country which has for millennia struggled with the conundrum of how a small number of highly educated, meritocratically-selected technocrats can improve the lives of hundreds of millions of dirt-poor peasants when between them sits a hereditary local thuggery.

I wish that they could understand what they would gain if they could give up, as every other nation on earth has, the faith that the natural borders of their land are those it had at the zenith of its imperial age (boy, oh boy, would the Lithuanians love that!).

Instead they waste their time tracking down and hoping to shut out the small, unimportant voices of those who are trying to tell it like it is.

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Anonymous said...

How would you have clarified your meaning if you had emailed a response?