Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Can't Talk, Can't Say

About to head out the door to catch the Foreign Correpondents' Club appearance of the five candidates for the presidency of the Liberal Democratic Party.

I suppose I should write a post on what I see at the shindig. However, I am not sure I will see any more than what has already been on display. The fivesome has been omnipresent on broadcast media and has been on an on-again-off-again national speaking tour that would blow out the fuses of men half the candidates' ages.

The most important two developments of the last week have been the irruption of heretofore hidden animus in the local chapters against Ishihara Nobuteru and the fallout from the Sino-Japanese tensions over the Senkakus. Both of these developments have benefited the candidacy of Ishiba Shigeru, who is currently the man to beat -- despite his sounding like the python Ka in Disney's The Jungle Book.

More later, maybe. Gotta fly, as the rains will slow the trains down.

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wataru said...

Most likely there will only be four, since Machimura has checked into a hospital.