Wednesday, August 29, 2012

OK, Morons. Now What?

Yamaguchi Kunio Natsuo (L) and Tanigaki Sadakazu (R) are Leader and President of the New Komeito and the LDP, respectively.

As can be expected in these lamest of times, the Liberal Democratic Party and the New Komeito, having failed to halt the passage of the bond isuance and electoral reform bills in the House of Representatives, submitted at a velocity somewhat faster than the speed of thought a censure motion to the President of the House of Councillors.

So what happens now?

All business in the House of Councillors comes to a halt, the motion taking precedence. The membership gathers in the plenary chamber. The parties submitting the motion explain their reasons for submitting the motion. The chamber votes.

Should the measure pass, nothing of consequence happens, as a censure motion has no legal effect. The prime minister, however, will be persona non grata in the House, stripped of the dignity of his office.

The presumed result is that the House of Councillors will cease to conduct any of its business, despite the Diet's still being in session -- the continued acceptance of high salaries for no work being extremely popular with the taxpayers. (J)

I am looking forward to the LDP's and the New Komeito's speeches. New levels of casuistry will be necessary to prevent folks from laughing.

The prime minister's faults:

- "He convinced us to vote for a rise in the consumption tax, which was our own policy."

- "He has increased Japan's international prestige by keeping his cool at a time when Japan is beset with challenges to its territories and territorial claims."

- "He disposed of non-Japanese activists landing on the Senkakus in exactly the same way Koizumi Jun'ichiro did."

- "He has led his party into passing a bill that provides the legal basis for the government to pay its bills."

- "He has led his party into passing an electoral reform bill that a) resolves the issue of the unconstitutionality of the districts due to over- and under-representation, b) cuts the cost of government by eliminating 40 seats of the House of Representatives and 3) increases the chances of the smaller parties to win seats."

A damning list, to be sure.

The live broadcast from the House of Councillors chamber is scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m., accessible at

Photo image credit: Kyodo News


Anonymous said...

Photo caption The leader of the New Komeito is Yamaguchi Natsuo 山口 那津男...

MTC said...

Anonymous -

Fixed. Many thanks.

jd said...

It is like watching a group of children at times. Is Tanigaki-san going to be the worst prime minister Japan never had if he loses the LDP leadership next month? Great title for this blog entry by the way.

Anonymous said...

What I don't get is how they can look so smug, thinking they are so patriotic and clever, yet they are just dragging Japan further into the abyss. Are they doing it on purpose? Rhetorical question, I know, but just pause for a moment: does this country really need an election right now? Endless political wrangling, when all shoulders should be pushing in one single direction...? This isn't even news in other countries that have more or less given up on Japan, due to these jokers. "Morons" - you are too kind, Shisaku.

Hans Zillermann said...

Where is Kaji Ryûsuke when you need him...