Thursday, August 09, 2012

Koizumi Shinjiro Declares War On The LDP Leadership

20: 16 Jiji is reporting 7 members of the LDP defied the order to leave the House of Representatives chamber -- choosing instead to stay and vote for the no confidence motion:

Nakagawa Hidenao
Shiozaki Yasuhisa
Suga Yoshihide
Koizumi Shinjiro
Kawai Katsuyuki
Shibamasa Masahiko
Matsunami Kenta

One former party secretary-general, one former Chief Cabinet Secretary, one former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications and the most-talked about and highly-regarded of the freshmen...

Shiozaki is a bit of a surprise, to be sure...

20:08 For those keeping score, the parties sponsoring the motion hold only 67 seats. So we are looking at a pretty sizable band of rebels against both the DPJ and the LDP leaderships' orders.

19:57 - Final tally for the no confidence motion

86 votes for

246 votes against

19:55 - Still no confirmation from any of the major news outlets as to the numbers and names of the Democratic Party of Japan and LDP members who voted for the resolution...

19:41 - The House of Representatives has rejected the no confidence motion.

Mark it: 19:30 - From what I just saw on the live stream from the House of Representatives, Koizumi Shinjiro has just voted for the no confidence resolution, in defiance of the Liberal Democratic Partyleadership's orders to not show up for the vote.


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