Monday, April 30, 2012

Yet Another Paraphrase Of Hemingway

Friendly correspondent Stephen Harner has a new post on regarding the ill-starred Noda-Obama summit and the strategic rebalancing of Asia. (Link)

Mr. Harner is a businessman and sees the world from a businessman's perspective. It is not unusual that he should view geographic proximity, increased trade links and enmeshing supply chains as favoring an ascendant China in regional relations over the continued presence of a dominating United States. He and I would probably be in agreement that Hatoyama Yukio and Ozawa Ichiro were not far wrong in steering the ship of state a little closer to China, relying, perhaps unrealistically, on the United States to understand this blessed land's position.

However the idea of a reestablishment of Chinese suzerainty seemingly going beyond the Finlandization of regional territorial disputes is not on anyone's agenda -- nor should it be. Liberty and autonomy are precious and worth the fighting for...if not for ourselves then for those whom education and wealth have not blessed with the ability to deracinate and resettle wherever there is money to be made.


Troy said...

there are 100M Chinese men aged 17-26.

vs. 6M Japanese men of this age.

There's nothing worth fighting over between Japan and China, and both countries are currently profiting greatly from their inter-relations.

The basic wage in Shenzhen is now 1800 yuan per month, ¥22,000, or ¥130/hr.

Japan needs China more than China needs Japan, almost.

MTC said...

Troy -

What is the goal of China's military build up? And how are the countries in the neighborhood supposed to respond to this build up?