Saturday, April 21, 2012

Arc Of The Cool

You don't know me, you're too old.
It's over.
Nobody listens to techno.
- Eminem "Without Me" (2005)

Sakamoto Ryuichi (with the rest of YMO)

Behind the Mask (1979)


Sakamoto Ryuichi (with the incomparable Bernard Fowler)

Behind The Mask (1987)


Sakamoto Ryuchi (with the rest of YMO, minus Yano Akiko)

Behind The Mask (2010)

Mr. Mathers, in this blessed land, techno never goes out of style.

As for the opening act at the end of the world, I submit Perfume.  Does the linked video not look like the cabaret scene in every "the human race in its final state of decadence" SF film ever produced?


edge(⊿-mix) (2009)

Fritz Lang would have loved this performance. "Zis is vat I vaz dreaming of. Except zat it is even harder to tell the robots from ze humans zan even I imagined."

In the United States, the music community uses holographic technology to resurrect Tupac Shakur, murdered on the Las Vegas Strip in 1996. In this blessed land, they use holographic technology and crowd sourcing to create pop stars where there is no authorial voice and no attempt to recreate reality.

I am sure that W. David Marx could compose a 15,000 word exegesis on just that last point alone.

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