Sunday, April 08, 2012


- Should it be worrying me that a recent major source of traffic to Shisaku is a website called americanwhohateobamadotcom? Or that two of the top search phrases leading to Shisaku yesterday were "world's easiest job" and "how to betray your best friend"?

- Why does Technorati every few months cut hundreds of authority points from Shisaku, sending it hurtling back down in its "World politics" rankings? Is it because of posts like this one?

- Does Ozawa Ichiro ever say, "You know, I am going to take responsibility for this" about anything?


Our Man in Abiko said...

You know every question posed in a headline is answered with a "no". ("Is Hashimoto the next Koizumi?") I suspect the same is true of questions in a blog post.

TenThousandThings said...

Weird stuff everywhere on Internet. Don't be alarmed by this. Normal people from normal places visit & appreciate your site.

Michael Thomas Cucek said...

Our Man in Abiko:

Actually, my questions are rather legitimate. More often than I wish to admit, I do not remember what I have written. In some recent posts, after laying out what I think is a fresh, heretofore unstated opinion, I have found out that I have plagiarized myself.

Anonymous said...

If "world's easiest job" and "how to betray your best friend" lead to you, it's nothing to worry about in itself. Presumably you already worry about the shenanigans that politicians get into; that your well-written opinions about those shenanigans show up in such ways is merely serendipitous.

Put another way, that search engines can't figure out that you're not writing an employment guide or friendship how-to manual isn't the end of the world.

Hoofin said...

Welcome to the big leagues of long-tail blogging. Maybe someone is trying to push your site down in rankings; maybe they are just screwing with you.

I had this happen to me on Wordpress last month. I let them know, and did get follow up a couple weeks back.