Monday, April 30, 2012

Very Kind of Them #10

The good folks at the East Asia Forum have uploaded a reedited and updated version of my post of the other day on the Ozawa Ichiro trial. (Link)

Ozawa has come out swinging against the government of prime minister Noda Yoshihiko. True, he has done it within the safe confines of a fundraising party for his right hand man/chief "Yes" man Yamaoka Kenji, which one could reasonably claim does not really count as calling out Noda for a fight mano a mano. (J)

However, until the suspension against Ozawa is lifted, which will not be for at least another week due to the Golden Week holidays, Ozawa should not be expected to be showing up at party central anyway...not that he ever does, except on days when he or one his followers is running for the position of party leader.

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