Monday, November 07, 2011

Japan Perhaps Not So Cool

Akimoto Yasushi, the promoter behind the ubiquitous phenomenon that is AKB48, set out some time ago to look for expansion of his gynormous girl group concept outside of Japan.

After clearly a lot research into local music industries and deep reflection, he decided that the best place for the first foreign franchise of his idea would be...Jakarta (ja).

After tryouts, the initial core brood of what will be JKT48 was lined up before the cameras yesterday.

One has only to consider the promotional video of AKB48's most famous song "Heavy Rotation" (Link - warning NWSF) to question the wisdom of Akimoto's dream.

I cannot wait for the guys in white with the skullcaps to show up -- and the bomb threats.

Call me a prudish worry wart but this seems on a par with the Foreign Ministry's decision to send Fukushima agricultural products overseas as food aid as a main draw in the Hall of Very Bad Ideas.

Image courtesy: Hokkaido Shimbun

Later - It is worthwhile to follow the link to The Asahi Shimbun article on the unveiling, just to confirm how entirely nuts Akimoto is.


Philippe said...

wow, I hadn't seen that one video yet. ‘Fresh meat’ business ? I don't think the guys in white with the skullcaps would be the only ones who would not be happy with seeing that on MSM.

I've no idea what they put in the drinking water at those PR offices, but it can't be really good.

Anonymous said...

I totally missed that, but I did laugh when you brought it up. Still, I can't imagine Indonesia is entirely devoid of teeny pop (though perhaps not quite the same level of visual assault).