Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Interesting Reads On Asian Politics and Economics

Clyde Prestowitz, who is usually a bit too extreme for my tastes, has published some common sense about the stated United States policy of refocusing its military might upon the stabilization of the Asia-Pacific region -- which means saving the Senkakus for Japan, one would assume. His point about the already overwhelming U.S. military presence in the region seems right on the money to me.

Or maybe I am just a sucker for anything with a Takahashi Korekiyo* quote in it.

Over at The Diplomat, Rajeev Sharma updates us on a fast developing story -- the deepening of security ties between India and Japan -- though I am not quite sure he has a correct read on the role of the U.S. plays in the Indo-Japanese security dialogue.


* The claim in the online short bio of that there is no long-form biography of Takahashi Korekiyo is no longer true. There most certainly is an English-language biography.


Martin J Frid said...

Good read, but I'm actually more worried now after having read some of the comments to that FS article. Or, perhaps more likely, such people live in a fantasy world of their own.

Good quote indeed, I wonder how the writer found it. Never heard of the guy myself, but that only shows that I should read your blog more often!

MTC said...

Martin J Frid -

This is the opinion of an avowed fan...but Takahashi Korekiyo is the one historical figure in whom all Japanese can take immense pride...and the figure who should have a national holiday in his honor, rather than that god-puppet-turned-marine biologist.