Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Then Again

Then again, about yesterday's post, if Hiroko Tabuchi of The New York Times has revealed results of an internal investigation finding connections between Olympus overpayments and the Yamaguchi Gumi, facts that even the police and the Tokyo Prosecutors Office are loathe to divulge, then she may have pulled a Jake Adelstein.

We shall see.


Marx said...

Sankei Shimbun also reporting possible yakuza links, with the specific details that they're on the broker side.


When you look at the people involved and the facts of the case so far, it's pretty clear that Olympus went to blue-chip ex-Nomura guys to go out and run the financial manipulations, but those guys then had to team up with some shady characters running untraceable offshore accounts. If there are actually mob links, they'd be through those offshore companies and investment funds, rather than anyone directly involved with Olympus.

MTC said...

Marx -

One would think that a couple of ex-Nomura guys (and a lot of current Nomura guys) would know how to set up dummy companies in the Cayman Islands and Japan.

Anonymous said...

True, but Yokoo Nobumasa's Global Company definitely brought in J-Bridge to do a lot of the dirty work. If someone was going to explore suspicious links, that's the place I'd start.


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