Wednesday, January 06, 2010

With Approval

Great news: Bill Brooks is blogging at The Point. Either that or a William Brooks other than the one I know has just posted a tasty review of the relentless negativism in the New Years editorials of the nation's major dailies.

The nation's newspapers, not just their editorials, have indeed been awash with peculiarly high levels of antagonistic pessimism. Could a large part of the decline of the popularity of the Hatoyama Cabinet be due more to media conglomerate sour grapes and nitpicking posing as objectivity than anything Hatoyama or his ministers have done?

Absolutely not-to-be-missed is the preceding post on Moriya Takemasa's self-serving dirt-dishing on everyone involved the scramble for construction funds for the Futenma-to-Henoko move. Moriya's article, published in Chuo Koron, goes a long way to confirming what was already pretty much surmised: that everyone, even Okinawa elected officials, has a price at which he/she can be bought. Especially Okinawa elected officials!

Hat tip to Our Man in Abiko for the link.

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