Monday, January 04, 2010

Waiting For the Day

Introducing Toad and Frog:

“Is it not peculiar,” Toad grunted, “That the smarty-pants, when they have been selling Japan as an investment destination, have declared the Japanese people to be industrious, well-educated and sober—but when they are describing the Japanese popular views of security policy, find those very same people to be passive, naïve and overly idealistic?”

“Good Old Toad,” Frog burbled, “It is not just security policy. When the subject is domestic spending priorities, regulation and taxation the smart set finds the populace just as deficient in mental acuity. But we cannot be surprised at this, can we? The tune always depends on who ultimately will be paying the piper.”

“You mean?” Toad began.

“Yes,” Frog chortled, “The hurly-burly will continue until someone figures out how to make money out off of the policies of the DPJ.”

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