Friday, January 22, 2010

Japan Link List for January 2009 - a draft

Armstrong, Shiro
Improving Japan-China relations and the global trading system

Auslin, Michael

The Prosecution of Power in Japan

Brooks, William
Ozawa’s position weakens as media smell blood

Japan polls: The rot has stopped

Golden opportunity to reaffirm vows, editors hope

America: Japan loves you

Unhappy New Year for Hatoyama's foreign policy

Dickie, Mure and Daniel Dombey
US-Japan relations clouded by Okinawa

Drifte, Reinhart
A new start for Japan-China relations?

Funabashi, Yoichi
Testing time in Japan for Hatoyama’s diplomatic skills

Gaunt, Jeremy
What can Kan do?

Green, Michael, et al
Analysis of Secretary of State Clinton’s Asia Architecture Speech

Harden, Blaine
Japan's prime minister weakened by arrests, scandals in ruling party

Harris, Tobias
The Ozawa saga continues in Japanese politics

A new US-Japan alliance in the making?

Masuzoe threatens Japan’s LDP

Kan will replace Fujii as Japan’s new finance minister

The unrealistic DPJ?

Japan: Returning to Asia

Hosoya, Juji
Japan's Hidden Champions Hold the Key to Revitalization of Regional Economies

Koike, Yuriko
Change in the Japan-U.S. Alliance

Klingner, Bruce
Military Base Dispute Strains U.S.-Japan Alliance

Kubota Yoko
Date Therapy for Japan’s Bureaucrats

Kwan, Chi Yun
China Set to Pass Japan and Become World's Second Largest Economy
- Sights now on surpassing the United States in terms of GDP -

Ikenberry, G. John and Charles P. Kupchan
A New Japan, a New Asia

Madsen, Robert
Playing Politics With Japan's Money Supply

Masters, Coco
New Scandal Hits Japan's Ruling Party,8599,1955028,00.html

Mattich, Allen
Is It Too Soon to Worry About Japanese Debt?

Marx, W. David
Japanese Music: 200-2009

Mulgan, Aurelia George
Japan’s Ozawa Ichiro – the power of one

Asia’s New Strategic Partnerships

Is Japan’s DPJ a party of reform on agriculture and agricultural trade?

Munekata, Naoko
The U.S., China, and Japan in an Integrating East Asia
(Contribution to the Brookings Northeast Asia Commentary

Nagaoka Sadao
Seeking the Differences in Research and Development in Japanese and U.S. Companies

Penn, Michael
Why DPJ said 'no' to an Indian Ocean mission

Samuels, Richard J.
Tokyo and Washington Celebrate their Alliance -- Too Soon

Scalise, Paul
When ‘Revolution’ Turns To Despair

Shinada, Naoki
Stock ownership and corporate performance in Japan: Corporate governance by institutional investors

Slater, David
The Making of Japan's New Working Class: "Freeters" and the Progression From Middle School to the Labor Market

Takahashi, Kosuke
Hatoyama to Nanjing, Hu to Hiroshima? The New Face of China-Japan Relations

Urashima, Etsuko
Electing a Town Mayor in Okinawa: Report from the Nago Trenches

Japan Productivity Center
International Comparisons of Labor Productivity

Any suggestions of additions would be much appreciated.

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