Friday, January 08, 2010

Prime Minister Hatoyama Is A Blogger

O.K.,. maybe not. However, he at least started a blog on January 1.

There are only two posts up on Hato Cafe and the PM has not posted anything since the 2nd. Nevertheless, I am grateful for this so far minimal stab at using alternate media -- though not for the usual reasons of the PM's needing to bypass the mainstream media's twisted reporting to communicate directly with the electorate -- though he needs that too.

No, it is because only on the Internet would anyone be anywhere near so blithe in an apologia for a political donations scandal that has led to the indictment of two former aides:

"Last year, I made all of you very worried because of my political donations problems. Of course, there are very severe criticisms (of me). Whilst I will sincerely bend my ear to these criticisms, my wish is to go forward, expending every bit of my energy in completing my work duties."
Got that? 'Cause that's all there is.

Gosh-golly, can we not help this Prime Minister? From what he has written, all he really wants to do is just do his job.

Hat tip to my friend LL for the link.

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