Monday, May 25, 2009


China's problematic client state lights another firecracker:

North Korea confirms 2nd nuclear test
The Korea Herald

North Korea confirmed that it has "successfully" conducted its second nuclear test on Monday, following a warning of retaliation it issued last month after the U.N.'s condemnation of its rocket launch, according to Yonhap News.
"According to the demand of our scientists and technicians, our republic has successfully conducted another underground nuclear test on May 25 ... as part of measures to strengthen its nuclear power in self-defense," the official Korean Central News Agency said.

North Korea warned on April 29 that it would conduct the second test, following its first in October 2006, in protest at the U.N. Security Council's rebuke for its April 5 rocket launch.

Monday's report did not say where the test was conducted
Don't worry, the seismographs will tell us soon enough.

Given the recent pretty darn successful test firing of a ballistic missile establishing a North Korean capability to drop a warhead on any of China's major cities, and the likely tightening of the Japan-U.S. security arrangements that will ensue as a result of both of these energetic displays of World War II-era advanced technology, the Zhongnanhai crowd will probably be just thrilled at the above announcement.

Have a nice lunch guys!

Later - I "especially" love the adverb in quotes.


Jan Moren said...

I have to say, "quoted" bits in "sentences" used to "imply" some "hidden" meaning is one of my pet "peeves". It gives the appearance of "significance" without "materially" adding any "information".

But hey, as long as the author is "happy" with the result, right.

The French Reader said...

I "totally" agree.

Anonymous said...

Janne, spot on.

At the same time, perhaps we should cheer that the North Korean scientists demanded another "test" which means one less nuke in their arsenal.

"A form of unilateral nuclear arms reduction on the part of North Korea"

- The Marmot's Hole