Friday, May 22, 2009

Preparation, its seems... for students only.

From the FT's article on the Eco points system for appliances:

Sceptics say the ungainly bureaucracy of the rebate system risks undermining its effect. Under the system, the government has designated about 2,000 appliances as eligible for “eco points”. The buyer of an energy-efficient fridge, for example, will receive eco points equal to five per cent of the purchase price. Consumers will be able to spend the eco points on energy-efficient goods from a government-backed catalogue.


But the system is not yet fully set up. The office to issue points is not open. Meanwhile, consumers must keep their receipts. That has fed fears potential buyers may postpone buying a new TV until eco points are issued and until it is clear what they can be redeemed for. If so, that would achieve the direct opposite of the intended stimulus.
A government-backed catalog...sounds reassuring.

Will it be available in only dead tree format, printed on government presses? Will it have an internet version inaccessible to mobile phones? Will you not be able to, actually, order from this catalog?

I cannot wait to hear more about the program.

Will anyone be held accountable for the lack of preparation in the initiation of this new, purportedly stimulative, green initiative?

Are you kidding?

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Martin J Frid said...

Imagine the pressure the Japanese government has been under to rush this scheme through.

It has nothing to do with "eco" and it simply tries to encourage consumption of goods that were designed and produced before the economic crisis hit. Who decided what products are eligible or not? What plans are in place for disposal of the old appliances, without further damage to the environment? And why on earth should the government encourage people to buy a new TV or other gadget, when most people are worried about their pension - or their job!?