Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Time, Definitely, I Promise You

As Okumura Jun has reported, it's...

Norm Mineta, Ambassador to Japan

Al Gore, Ambassador to Japan

Jim Leech, Ambassador to Japan

Robert Orr, Ambassador to Japan

Joseph Nye, Ambassador to Japan

John Roos, Ambassador to Japan!

Meanwhile, over at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they are probably crankin' it up.

Later - Lest I be seen as being too mean to the Mainichi Shimbun, I note that The Asahi Shimbun also has a history it would want us to forget.

Even later - Of course the "I trust in nothing I read until I see it on the White House website" rule applies in this instance. Akira ni natta me once, shame on you...


To Iu Wake said...

I understand the original post, but nothing after that. I read the Asahi Shinbun and found no history I'd like to forget. It was a basic rundown of those people and their Asia connections with the conclusion in the last sentence saying that America's Asia policy will be less of Bush-like hard power policy (no names mentioned) and more in line with with the habahiroi categories under Smart Power (the term associated with the Nye-Armitage reports as mentioned in the article). The article read more like a summarization of some CVs than a history lesson.

MTC said...

[Vulgarity deleted] -

When a major newspaper publishes an article on January 8 stating「次の駐日大使にX氏を起用する方針を固めたことが7日、明らかになった。」 only to have to report someone other than X being appointed to the post five months later, it makes the editor looks like a damn fool.

Tobias Samuel Harris said...

You forgot to include Yomiuri in your hall of shame.