Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How Vladimir Putin Contributes to Global Warming (Expurgated Version)

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is in town for nothing but photo opportunities, as the continuing occupation of the Northern Territories prevents discussions on serious topics of mutual interest.

Right wing nutbags with no obvious means of support, who style themselves patriots, outraged at Russian intransigence as regards the return of the Northern Territories, are screaming out what might be obscenities, I cannot tell, because all they do is yell through crappy loudspeaker systems, engaging in socially disruptive behavior that only vaguely resembles what an enlightened nation would consider protesting in front of the Russian Embassy.

As the sonic environment is transformed into a hellish replication of 1984-like Two Minute Hates, inspiring thoughts of weapons-based violent retribution some might find unpleasant, I must close the window and turn on the air conditioning.

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