Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sakurai Yoshiko Freakout Watch


Robert Alan Feldman
Chief Economist
Morgan Stanley Japan

Dear Dr. Feldman:

Do you remember in the runup to the naming of the first Abe Cabinet, in the course of a discussion of the names of possible non-politicians who might be granted ministerial posts, you stated that Abe Shinzō Best Friend and columnist Sakurai Yoshiko would be a good candidate for MEXT Minister because she has some good ideas about reforming education?

You do remember saying this, yes?

Please if you could, consider the front page of today's Sankei Shimbun, where the said Ms. Sakurai has a opinion article, whose title is, and I am not making this up:

"(What I am telling Prime Minister Asō is) DRIVE A NAIL INTO CHINA!" *

A good candidate for Minister in charge of education?


I don't think a person like this should be near children.


* - "Asō sōri ni mōsu: Chūgoku ni kugi o sase"

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