Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Any Club That Would Have Me As A Member

Kudos for Roy Berman over at Mutanfrog Travelogue for linking to this excellent and entertaining New York Public Radio audio tour of the kisha club system.


Anonymous said...

National Public Radio (NPR), not New Yawk.

So many distractions, so little time.

MTC said...

Anonymous -

Please be so kind as to listen to the broadcast before commenting.

Anonymous said...

How do I explain this to you?

On the Media is produced by a New York public radio station, which is part of the NPR network of public radio stations. WNYC is considered NPR in NYC; it is the local NPR station. OTM is distributed by NPR and thus referred to as an NPR broadcast.

Yes, this is a detail, and is one that can be excused as you do not seem to be very familiar with the United States.

MTC said...

Anonymous -

The announcer begins the broadcast saying that "'On the Air' is a production of New York public radio."

That National Public Radio hosts the audio file on its website and that NPR stations may have rebroadcast the program does not alter the reality that WNYC and/or associated entities are the producers of the report.

Pax vobiscum.

Roy Berman said...

The top of the OTM show page says both "From NPR" and "produced by WNYC." Public Radio in the US is a coalition of NPR and actual radio stations.

Stations produce some of their own content, and purchase content from distributors, with NPR providing the lions share but also sometimes including other sources such as BBC.

NPR both produces their own shows and serves as distributor for shows produced by public radio stations. As anonymous said, OTM is produced by WNYC, but is distributed by NPR, but in the way that an independent film may be distributed by Miramax or Sony.

However, there is no such thing as an NPR station. NPR does not own any stations, or have special network affiliation with them. WNYC is a public radio station which buys from and sells to NPR, but that does not make it an NPR station.