Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Fodder

Oh boy. This does not look good.

Kitano "Beat" Takeshi as Tōjō Hideki in Tōjō Hideki and the Outbreak of the War Between Japan and the United States (Nichibei kaisen to Tōjō Hideki). Opens on Christmas Eve!

I have always pictured Tōjō as a fussy and fusty, yet colorless, martinet. To see him played by famously outrageous wild man with a famously mangled mug is disconcerting.

It remains to be seen whether the movie features an honest Tōjō Hideki played by Kitano Takeshi, a dishonest Tōjō Hideki played by Kitano Takeshi (the worst option) or the annoying meta-Non-Method shtick of Kitano Takeshi playing Kitano Takeshi playing Tōjō Hideki. The title at the top of the poster ("Beat Takeshi" X Tōjō Hikeki) has me thinking the answer is most likely Option #3.

Happy holidays!

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