Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mr. Harris and The Brave New World

It seems we live in the Tobias Harris era.

He has produced an extraordinary amount of material over the past few days, including this magisterial post on the death, as he sees it, of the conservative-conservative entente as the axis of Japan-U.S. security relations.

I can agree with a lot of what Mr. Harris is saying in his post and can sympathize with a great deal more. I wish it were so that the hardline alliance of democracies concept was discredited and thus, effectively deceased.

However, as long as military contractors and defense suppliers have money to spend, they will lobby hard (or pay academics and think tankers to lobby hard) for such an alliance.

These are tenacious organizations that deal death as a matter of course. They will not be deterred by mere logic, economic constraints or human feeling.

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