Monday, August 06, 2007

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Now we have an answer to the most tiresome of koans:

Courtesy: Mainichi Shimbun

The answer is: "Thud!"

The Cabinet of a youthful, determined leader of the ruling party is disliked intensely by 65% of those polled. The youthful leader believes not only that he should remain in power--but that no evidence exists of the people losing faith in his political program.

Close your eyes. This is going to hurt.

How bad are the atmospherics? The ads in the subway are touting the possibility of a Koike Yuriko prime ministership.

Initial reaction: "Bwahahahahahahahaha. Well, that was fun."

Meanwhile, back in the capital, reports have the moneyed classes celebrating their good forturne in oh such tasteful ways.

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Anonymous said...


My comment has nothing to do with your post but the picture showing those two Japanese girls and the couple next to them is just terrific!
Especially when you did quit Japan some few months ago: Viva JR!
(You should send it to the Kantei, for Abe to realize who did NOT vote for the LDP).