Monday, December 25, 2006

And Peace on Earth

Merry Christmas from the Abe Family...

Japan hangs 4, including two in 70s

TOKYO, Dec. 25 - Four death row inmates in Japan were hanged Monday, the first executions since September last year, informed sources said.

They are Yoshimitsu Akiyama, 77, and Yoshio Fujinami, 75, who were both held at the Tokyo Detention House, Michio Fukuoka, 64, who was held at the Osaka Detention House, and Hiroaki Hidaka, 44, incarcerated at the Hiroshima Detention House.

On the last Monday before the New Year. When the Diet is not in session. For our safety. And for a nice, clean desk to come back to on January the 4th.

For a beautiful country.

What is WRONG with these people? Even if Yamatoland is a decidedly unchristian nation, this is lousy PR.

Then again this crowd seems hellbent on proving itself insensitive to anything going on outside its own narrow circle of militants, sycophants and hair-splitters.

Pointer on this story from reader JL.

Later - To be fair, the quartet were really awful denizens of this planet, each and every one a total waste of human skin.

Still, not on Christmas Day folks.

Boxing Day (December 26), now that would be appropriate!

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