Monday, December 18, 2006

Playing off the PM

The useless revision of the Basic Law on Education ("Abe's looking out for the future of Japan." Oh yeah, sure he is) has passed.

Gag me with Fujiwara Masahiko samurai values pornography, please:
改正教育基本法が成立 「個」から「公」へ転換 制定59年で大転換

Frankly I have already had it with the phrase "beautiful county"--or as it is here " a beautiful country with radiant qualities."

In weight and substance utsukushii kuni is the equivalent of the Bush Administration's "culture of life." It is become a marker for "I am a dweeb; I quake in fear of the anti-authoritarian Left of the 1960s."

It seems that some in the media agree:

Subway flyer for "Cool Japan" Special Edition of Brutus magazine
Marunouchi Line, Tokyo Metropolitan District. December 18, 2006.

Headline in pink reads, "A Beautiful Country?
Right now, what is turning on the whole world is a Japan that is cool!"

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