Monday, December 04, 2006

Not a marketing concept I favor

To paraphrase the famous putdown of Wolfgang Pauli (one of many he is said to have uttered) the below does not possess the virtue of even sounding wrong:

Coffee Shop Sector Branches Out With Multipurpose Outlets (no link)
Nikkei Net Interactive

TOKYO -- More and more coffee shops are being equipped with showrooms for bathroom and other housing fixtures, radio studios and travel agencies in an attempt to lure customers by offering them more than just a cup of premium roast.

Yes, when I settle down at my seat at Beck's or that little inexpensive cafe with the yellow decor on the south side of the road running between Taishō Rōman Dōri and the Kita-in in Kawagoe, I lose myself in the reverie:

"Hmmm...bathroom fixtures."

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Jun Okumura said...

YShame on you! You've ruined those Starbucks cookies forever for your blurkers! IYKWIS.