Friday, August 24, 2007

What? You want to clean up your act?

Today's LDP.

Running scared...and looking ridiculous doing it.

改造前に身ぎれいに? 自民議員の収支訂正相次ぐ

2007年08月24日 - 内閣改造を目前に控え、自民党の国会議員が政治団体の政治資金収支報告書を相次いで訂正している。「政治とカネ」が焦点のひとつとなった参院選の大敗を受け、党が所属の国会議員に関連政治団体の収支報告書の点検を指示したことがきっかけだ。塩崎官房長官が代表を務める自民党支部で多額の着服が発覚したほか、大臣経験者ら大物議員の政治団体も含まれる。「赤城ショック」の後遺症はまだ続いている...

Before the reshuffle, a rinse off? One after another, LDP Diet member restate their revenues and expenditures
The Asahi Shimbun

August 24, 2007 - On the eve of a Cabinet reshuffle, LDP Diet members are one after another revising the political donations and expenses reports of their political support organizations. After suffering a huge defeat in the House of Councillors election where one of the main points of contention was the "politics and money" issue, now is the moment the party has indicated it will examine the expense reports of the political organization affiliated with particular Diet members. The discovery of the large sum embezzled from the LDP branch fronted by Chief Cabinet Secretary Shiozaki Yasuhisa, the political organization of party bigwigs, many with Cabinet experience--these are all included.

The fallout of the "Akagi Shock" is continuing...

They are checking the accounts NOW?

THIS week?

Like they did not feel compelled to act after, let us say, May the 28th, when the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries committed suicide in shame for the exposure of the corruption at his various political offices? Not after the staggering electoral loss on July 29th? Not after Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Akagi Norihiko's resignation on August 1?

They want to make sure their are no skeletons in the closets of longtime, high-ranking LDP Diet members NOW?

On the eve of the Cabinet reshuffle?

Wow. I guess that in comedy...timing is everything.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if this isn't another effect of there being a competitive opposition. I mean, it's not like this hasn't been going on for ever, so why make the changes now, unless you're really feeling the pinch from the opposition benches.

Second, who is in charge of regulating these offices exactly anyway, and why haven't they been fired for incompetence?