Wednesday, August 30, 2006

If this is part of the transition the post-Koizumi Era...

...this is going to be one hell of a weird ride.
Asahara daughter seeks new guardian
Japan Times

Journalist who covered cult agrees to be replacement for 17-year-old

The fourth daughter of condemned Aum Shinrikyo founder Shoko Asahara has filed a request with the Saitama Family Court to have journalist Shoko Egawa, who exposed the cult's crimes, appointed as her legal guardian.

The 17-year-old daughter took the move Monday after she dismissed her current legal guardian, Takeshi Matsui, a defense lawyer for her 51-year-old father, whose real name is Chizuo Matsumoto.

In June, Asahara's defense counsel filed a special appeal with the Supreme Court seeking to overturn the Tokyo High Court's rejection of his appeal against the death sentence he was handed for his involvement in Aum's crimes, including the 1995 sarin attack on the Tokyo subway system.

"I had some hesitation about becoming a legal guardian, but I want to offer my support, if only a little, for the daughter, who wants to do her best in society and to be helpful to others," Egawa said at a news conference later in the day.
"Some hesitation?"

Egawa's willingness to take responsibility for this child shows once again--it's such a fine line between "eccentric" and "totally out of your bloody mind."

I guess that after having been on the cult's death list for nearly two decades Egawa figured, "Oh well, what the hell--what is the absolutely worst thing that could happen?"

Still, is there any indication where this child will be living? In Egawa's residence perhaps?


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