Saturday, August 12, 2006

The House of Morgan takes on the House of Abe

Robert Alan Feldman reads Toward a Beautiful Country and hazards a few guesses about an Abe Cabinet's

economic policies

and foreign policies.

I, of course, have some questions for Mr. Feldman:

1) When Japanese bureaucrats join guerilla forces, do give up not only their ties but their wire-rimmed glasses too?

2) You say Sakurai Yoshiko is an expert on education...what part of education is she an expert on? (Please, please, please do not let it be disciplinary measures!)

3) Abe sees Japan's international identity arising out its enforcement of its laws. Where could he have ever come to have this conception of the special origin of the Japanese state? (Amaterasu is going to be very angry...)

Seriously, although Mr. Feldman gets a lot of exposure from his on-again, off-again gig on Channel 12, the stuff he tosses out as a part of his day job deserves a wider readership--as does the work of the other Morgan Stanley Japan analysts. The Global Economic Forum material is given away for free, for goodness sakes, with free public access to the last five years' worth of archives!

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