Friday, August 11, 2006

Fair and balanced...well balanced, at least

Having posted a Yomiuri graphic of the factions groups within the Democratic Party of Japan yesterday, I should, in order to avoid accusations of bias, post a graphic of the factions former factions factions of the Liberal Democratic Party taken from the Asahi Shimbun of August 10.

Courtesy: Asahi Shimbun

So it is:

80 Mori Faction
76 Tsushima Faction
48 Tanba Niwa-Koga Faction (sorry about that)
36 Yamasaki Faction (unbelievable, I know)
32 Ibuki Faction
15 Tanigaki Faction
15 Kōmura Faction
15 Nikai Group
11 Kōno Group
70 Non-aligned

I am not quite sure whether or not these figures take into account Speaker of the House of Representatives Kōno Yōhei's official status as an independent member of the Diet. It is possible he might not be eligible to vote for his son in the LDP presidential race.

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