Monday, August 07, 2006

Frankly Scartlett, I don't...

Everybody is gearing up the Yasukuni Huff 'n Puff Machine in preparation for next Tuesday.

It's here.

It's there.

It's everywhere (here and here and here)!

For the columnist, War Remembrance Day is just like Christmas and Jun'ichiro Koizumi has been Santa Claus.

But with Santa Claus facing retirement and the number of persons with significant direct links to the War Against Which All Other Wars Shall Be Judged II (WAWAOSBJ 2) filling up the graveyards--can we pack up, go home and call the Yasukuni Round a draw?

What is the likelihood the public servants in camouflage will ever add up to an offensive military force?

What percentage of the Japanese populace would agree with this statement: "I regret that I have only one life to give to my country"?

What percentage, if you did not tell them the source of the above quotation, would think it was taken from a DPRK propaganda poster?

What has ever kept the PM from proceeding as he wished (well, Kiko-sama's pregnancy--but even that turned out for the best for Mr. K) on anything he really seemed to care about?

How many people read SAPIO anyway -- without laughing?

What are we talking about then?

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