Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ein Saga *

In my latest post for Langley Esquire (Link) I note that the party makeup of the Kagoshima Prefectural Assembly left no doubt of as to the outcome of the vote on the Sendai reactor restarts.

So how does the Kagoshima assembly stack up against the assemblies of the prefectures hosting the reactors most likely to next come up for a vote? Where else will restart approval be a foregone conclusion?

A little chart of the party allegiances of the seat holders in the assemblies of the five prefectures with reactors most likely to next come up for restart approval, based upon data I collected from the websites of the assemblies.

Click on image to open in a larger format.

Stunning, ne? Makes one wonder whether or not Saga Prefecture has a law making it illegal to run for office if one belongs to a major party other than the LDP.

Later - An anonymous commenter point how erroneous was my the anomalous result. Thank you anonymous commenter! I have replaced the former image with a corrected one.


* For the reference, there is YouTube.

T'is true, I am inordinately fond of Sibelius.

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Anonymous said...

Not to deny LDP's overwhelming majority in Saga assembly, but it also has one representative from both Communist party and Komeito, and as far as I understand, representatives from the Citizen network are DPJ members.