Thursday, November 13, 2014

No More Barricades To Be Broken, It Seems

Rural revival and Ebola Countermeasures...

Yesterday, the establishment forces in the Liberal Democratic Party mounted a spirited counter attack against the bull rush of the motley crew of election advocates in the party.

Today, resistance to the pro-election fervor seems to suffered a reversal again. Machimura Nobutaka, the leader of the Machimura Faction and ostensibly Abe Shinzo's superior, still does not see a need to delay the imposition of the rise in consumption tax to 10% or a need for an election right now (Link - J video). The main LDP apparat, however, seems resigned to the prime minister's calling an election, advising the freshman and freshwomen to be ready for campaigning. (Link - J video)

As for what significance, if any, the election will have for the voters, I look at that issue in my latest post for Langley Esquire "The Japan That Can't Say No."

Time to break out the Procol Harum (Link) I guess.

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