Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Signs Of The Apocalypse #6

My being able to read through an entire William Pesek opinion piece. (Link

Normally, just the essay title and Mr. Pesek's name under it are enough to send me to rushing to click the "Back" button on my browser. Today, however, I managed to stick around all the way to the end.

I cannot agree with Pesek's determination that Abe Shinzo's speeches in New York represent a transportation to an illusory plane of personal grandeur. Authorship would argue against such an explanation. Since Abe did not himself write the speeches, the particular language cannot be a reflection of his thinking.

The overall structure -- well ok, the lack thereof -- the disconnectness, the random recitation of anecdotes and the shallow grazing from the pop culture trough in the New York speeches -- that, by contrast, is the Abe we all know and love.

Rather than hubris, Abe's speeches to the New York Stock Exchange and the Hudson Institute seem to have represented more desperate pleas to be liked, to be considered one of the cool kids.

Regardless, that I managed to read Pesek's take on Japanese events without consequent health difficulties or a speedy departure is a bad sign for the future of life on this small blue planet.

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