Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Man, Two Teams

Hey, somebody noticed that Tanaka Masahiro, the rotation ace for Rakuten Eagles -- the still struggling Tohoku's only team that about to play the Yomiuri Giants in the Japan Series and which is owned by Prime Minister Abe Shinzo's advisor-on-Internet-commerce Mikitani Hiroshi* -- managed to go 24-0 in a season with a lively ball. (Link - J)

Tanaka's contract expires this year, meaning an astronomical figure Major League Baseball contract awaits.

What does it take for a guy to get a little notice?


* Imagine the conversation between hot baseball barons Mikitani and Watanabe Tsuneo, the don of the Yomiuri Group:
M: "New Media, Old Media. Abe listens to both of us."

W: "Abe listens to you. But he respects me."

M: "He flatters you. Only you think that means he respects you."

W: "Come back and lecture me about influencing politics after you threaten the prime minister in public a second time and get away with it."

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