Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some Folks Just Dig Fantasy And I Suppose It's OK

Does anyone know House of Councillors member Katayama Satsuki? Because someone needs to explain to me the fantasy photo thing to me.

When it happens once the breakdown can be attributed to a staffer's lack of judgment.

But when it happens looks like more than just carelessness, to borrow a term from Oscar Wilde.

Yes, one does want to put one's best face on Facebook, though with a record of being the Finance Ministry's most stinging lash and one of Koizumi Jun'ichiro's most trusted assassins, one would hardly have to care.

As far as image goes, the official party page picture is great.

I am of the old school, I guess, believing that completing more than a few orbits under the sun and looking like the trip has not hurt too much ain't half bad, really.

For the prurient or merely curious, the next image from same Facebook set is here.


Unknown said...

The retouching work is pretty atrocious. I'd expect publicity photos to be retouched, but not to the same extent as models or fashion sales -- and in this case, the retouching was done incredibly badly.

Armchair Asia said...

I find it troubling that she or her staff believe that she needs to look like teenager. Women have a long way to go in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Ms Katayama was on a TV program last night, poking fun at Abe's reworking in his posters.
I was reminded if this article immediately.

MTC said...

Anonymous -

When you say poking fun, do you mean there was not even a hint from her or the hosts that the pot was calling the kettle black?