Monday, July 01, 2013

Ue O Muite, Aruko

National Public Radio, on the most improbable #1 hit record ever in the United States.

I had no idea the lyrics had anything to do with the Ampo demonstrations. You learn something every day.

Of course, the coda, which has Sakamoto Kyu dying in 1985 in what is still the worst single aircraft disaster ever, does not quite fit into the uplifting message of the piece.

Later - If you can identify all those singing the song in this string of video have been watching way too much television.

I do not know what is trippier, Becky's warbles or Miura's Yuichiro's mug.

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea that Ei Rokusuke had written the lyrics... another interesting point.
Good to have you back. Thank you for your multiple posts today. What is Dr. Nakano's connection with Abe & Co. It seems to be his role to put academic respectability on this road to perdition that we're embarking on.