Monday, March 25, 2013

Hiroshima Court Strikes Down December 2012 Elections

This just in...The Hiroshima High Court has ruled the House of Representatives elections of December 16, 2012 to be not just unconstitutional but invalid:

1票の格差:昨年衆院選は「無効」 初司法判断 広島高裁

毎日新聞 2013年03月25日 16時17分(最終更新 03月25日 16時17分)

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If the above Mainichi account holds up we are looking at the first ever voiding of an election.

Holy coraggio, Professore Ortolani!


Anonymous said...

Asahi reporting first time in 50 years of trying by lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's better than the little bit pregnant results of the other courts, however what is this business about due date upon which the carriage turns to a mice drawn pumpkin? (混乱を避けるため、無効の効果は今年11月26日を経過して発生するとした。)

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see who is the President of the Court in the 3-judges panel who handed down the judgment: a woman, senior judge (possibly at the end of her career? no fear of retaliation?) who spent her past assignments quite far from the ganglia of power. Her profile is here: Judge Junko Ikadazu (? 筏津順子)

MTC said...

dirittogiapponese -

My current operating retroactive hypothesis is that if one of the judges was ever going to break ranks and stop protecting the other old boys, it was going to be the judge who was never was going to be one of the old boys.

Anonymous said...

MTC: agreed! And similar profile for Presiding Judge Katano of today's decision of Okayama branch:
(a classmate of judge Ikadatsu! although they apparently never served together)