Saturday, March 09, 2013

Fair And Balanced

Reckless, provocative, incompetent, amateurish! (Link)

Against the baying of the Hallelujah Chorus, the Democratic Party of Japan never stood a half-a-chance...


Michael Penn said...

No argument here. It's hard to even call that journalism. Defense Ministry official leaks story to rightwing LDP lawmaker, who in turn "questions" the Prime Minister in the nationally-televised Budget Committee. The Yomiuri writes the whole thing up as if were proven fact and allows not even a perfunctory response from those who stand accused. Abominable propaganda machine, that Yomiuri.

MTC said...

Mr. Penn -

What I love is that the Yomiuri prints a story that it believes blackens the image of Noda and the DPJ. Unfortunately, the story, rather than painting them loopy idiots, shows them to be the exactly the careful and calculating bunch the country needed at the time.