Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Gray Matters

Academics is not polemics with glasses on.

- ersatz quotation (2013)
I warned him. (Link)

He became incensed. (Link)

Now the subject of the conversation is in limbo. (Link)

"Comfort Women, Military Prostitution and Human Trafficking" was not a bad study. It was not any kind of study at all.

My guess: this is going to become a rather interesting intellectual contretemps.

In his writing, the author of the now dangling article did get one thing right: I am pompous.

Kind of can't give it up either. Probably should. Can't.

Hat tip to reader Toyotsu for the link.


Toyotsu said...

See now http://www.japanfpo.org/2013/03/dogmatism-and-compromise-part-ii.html

Anonymous said...

To be honest, his response seems a lot more convincing than your criticism.

Too bad we can't read the offending article anymore...

MTC said...

Anonymous -

Agreed. Then again, I just quickly set down some objections from a cursory scan of the document. A serious look at the text would have consumed a day -- and there are much better ways of spending a day.

If you really want to read the essay, there is always: