Friday, February 01, 2013

Blegging You Please

- I want to listen to speeches at The University of British Columbia symposium of 23 January 2013 on the results of the 16 December 2012 election and the outlook for the Abe Cabinet. However, every time I try to access the site:

the video feed crashes about two seconds after start up.

I have contacted the folks at UBC and they find nothing wrong at their end.

Does anyone have a guess as to what could be causing the crashing?

- Listening to Dr. Ed Lincoln's 2011 (?) Temple University Institute of Contemporary Asia Studies (ICAS) talk on Tokyo as an international financial hub (Link) I realized:

a) Though I have heard the "at one time in the late 1980s the assessed value of the land under the Imperial Palace was greater than the assessed value of all the real estate in California" statement dozens of times, I have no idea whether or not it is true.

Does anyone know of the ultimate origins of this anecdote? What organization, if any, did the assessment of the Imperial Palace's land value -- and on what basis?

I am tired of hearing this chestnut without knowing its origin.

b) Dr. Lincoln is fine up until he gets to the "this is why things are the way they are" part of the presentation. Then he hits the rocks.

I dare not listen to his recommendations, as I might try to loft something into low-earth orbit.

Of course, if not for Ed Lincoln's and Clyde Prestowitz's Asian Wall Street Journal op-ed encouraging Koizumi Jun'ichiro to not just resign as prime minister and call elections but to leave the LDP -- published on the 344th of what was to be Koizumi's 1980 days as prime minister -- Shisaku would not exist.

I leave it to the readers to decide whether the annoyance I felt at that op-ed has had a constructive result.

ICAS is the host and sponsor of my 28 February 2013 talk on the Abe Administration. Email for details.

Later - Thank you for all the suggestions regarding viewing the UBC conference. I found it runs on Explorer but freezes up when I use Chrome.


TAM said...

No problems at my end, and I've tried different browsers. A layman's suggestions:
- If you run Adbloc as an add-on to your browser, it will likely detect malware in the website. Perhaps it is blocking you from viewing its content for safety reasons. Creating an exception to the URL on Adbloc might do the trick;
- Empty browser's cache (just in case);
- Update Java Runtime Environment, or simply its plug-in to make sure you have the latest version to run the neat stream script they have;
- Try running it in another browser, if you haven't already that is;

I hope any of these suggestions fixes your problem.

Wish I could be there for your talk at TUJ.
Best regards

YY said...

Try downloading GoogleChrome. The portable version should do no harm to your PC (don't tell me you have a mac)

Graham Leonard said...

Gregory Noble cites The Economist (16 July 1988) for the Imperial Palace-California comparison in the Routledge Handbook of Japanese Politics. No details given on the methodology.

MTC said...

Mr. Leonard -

Wonderful. Thank you.

I am off to find the original article.