Friday, February 22, 2013

Reality, What A Concept

Reuters takes a look at the Abe promises regarding fiscal stimulus through public works, a big par of the first arros of the "Three Arrows" of Abenomics. (Link)

The argument regarding the Yamba Dam is weak. Then again, an explanation of the Yamba Dam project and the difficulties folks have had in killing it requires an tour through the relationship between the central government and the prefectural governments.

It is also refreshing someone giving the Democratic Party of Japan -- at least the pre-Noda Yoshihiko premiership version of the DPJ -- some credit in trying to put a leash on Japan's love affair with concrete.


Anonymous said...

The Reuters article really puts the numbers into perspective. Maybe somebody needs to start thinking of how to get out to Kansai via Hokuriku when Mount Fuji erupts/the quake under Tokyo happens, because that will wipe out the Shinkansen, the Tomei, etc. etc. Any backup communications links? WIth the money left over, I suggest building daycare facilities (yes, I know, it's only in the major cities that there are not enough places) so that every single family with children needing looking after so that one or both parents can work (BTW, there are a lot of single-father families, disadvantaged because the Todai pointy-heads seem to think that there are only single-mother households) can be accommodated NOW (not in 5 years' time when they'll already be in school).

ziuma gent said...

great blog.

jjrs said...

You say-

>"Yes there are some 25,000 (maybe) children on waiting lists nationwide. About a third of that national number, however, will be on waiting lists inside the TMD."

Well that would make sense, considering that 29% of Japan's population lies in the the TMD to begin with. So I fail to see your big take-down point here. The share of children waiting in the TMD isn't far off what you would expect proportionately anyway.

MTC said...

jjrs -

please see my response in the comments section of "Nonsense In The New York Times"