Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The World's Most Skeptical Police Officers

A man in his thirties was found dead on a street in Shinagawa yesterday morning in front of a ten storey building. Given the presence of broken branches in the shrubbery about him and a witness reporting to have heard a "whomp" sound, police are assuming the man fell from out of the building. From the seventh floor to be precise, where there is an office of a sexual services establishment, of which the man was an employee. A search inside the office found bloodstains.

And "fell" possibly misrepresents the action. It seems the man was aided in his falling by five or six men, one of whom is the proprietor of the sexual services establishment.

Police are investigating, and I am not making this up, "the possibility that there might have been some kind of trouble in between those with ties to the sexual service establishment." (J)

If this were not a high-class establishment, I might be tempted to make a crack about the police not jumping to conclusions.

Seriously, these are the same folks who made Kono Yoshiyuki's life a living hell after he told them what to look for in the Matsumoto Sarin case?

Trying to keep your conviction rates up, are you?

Later - I guess I should not rail overmuch. I did, after all, proclaim this The Age of Innocence.


TheStrawMan said...

Perhaps they should arrest the owner of the sexual services establishment for "abandoning a body" out the window, while it was still alive

MTC said...

TheStrawMan -


Anonymous said...

What's the Japanese word for "defenestrate?"

kamo said...

Littering, perhaps? Fly-tipping?

If the petty stuff was good enough for Al Capone...