Friday, May 18, 2012

This Will Damage Japan's Own Security As Well

Nice going, Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan.

I can imagine the cable back to Beijing:
"A protest letter! A great idea. I cannot agree more. We have to make clear our position to the hosts of the meeting of the traitors and thieves falsely claiming to speak for the loyal Uighur citizens of Xinjiang.

Could not agree more with the idea of sending the letter to the offices of the members of the Diet misled into supporting the Uighur terrorists and splitists. After all, these Diet members are to be speakers and guests at the meetings.

(By the way, that works out to over 100 letters. Could we talk about a bumping up of the postage budget in the next cable?)

I love the text. Brilliant! However, any possibility of our deleting that one little phrase? Japanese is such an indirect, suggestive language. Expressing ourselves in such bald terms will seem uncouth. The rest of the text makes our point clear anyway. The phrase is just superfluous.

Thanks in advance for your consideration of this request."
And I can imagine the response from Beijing:
"Send out the letter as is, or I will have you stamping passports in Yinchuan for the rest of your career."
Well, Ambassador Cheng Yonghua did as he was told and sent out the letter, with this killer sentence in it:

Chugoku e no naisei kansho de, Nihon jishin no anzen ni mo gai ga aru.

This is interference in the internal affairs of China and will damange Japan's own security as well.

(Link - J)
Way to sway the opinions of Japanese legislators, PRC leadership!

As 90 of the 100 or so Diet members who received this charming missive are members of the Liberal Democratic Party, it is should not be surprising that LDP headquarters hosted a little show-and-tell party today, releasing the text of the response to the Ambassador's letter (J - personal blog), complete with the signatures of 46 members of the Diet on it.

You have to admit, it is an effective document. When you would expect it to scream, it hisses, to devastating effect:

Dokuritsu shuken kokka no kokkai giin e no shojo to shite wa, ichijirushuku tekisetsusei no kaite iru to iwazaru o emasen.

We must tell you that sending such a document to the national legislators of an independent sovereign state shows marked lack of a sense of propriety.

I tend to give the LDP lots of hell...but this is the epitome of cool.

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