Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Masked Man Returns

For those defenders and friends of Ozawa Ichiro -- and I know you are out there -- will you please tell him, beg him if you have to, to reconsider the wearing of a surgical mask on days when he is hot water?

Ozawa Ichiro, leaving his home on May 9, 2012.

I know that this all could be coincidence. After all, the above photo was taken at around noon and the press conference announcing the appeal of his case was not until the afternoon.

However, the instances of Ozawa's sudden comings down with colds at awkward moments have been painful to observe.

As for the prosecuting private attorneys, if they really wish anyone to believe that they are under no political pressure at all to appeal the not-guilty verdict of April 26, then sweating rivulets during their press conference on a mild May day is not the way to do it. While cool cucumber Yamamoto Ken'ichi (J - far right) managed not even a glow, Omuro Shinzo and Muramoto Michio were spurting like the fountains of Trevi.

Later - To be fair, Ozawa's lawyers were sweating even worse than the prosecuting attorneys.

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