Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Painfully Obvious Thoughts

Typhoons: mildly interesting when they are far away victimizing folks you have never met. Not so amusing when they are whipping past your window and you know that in an hour and half you will have to venture out into the teeth of one of them.


Jan Moren said...

Just like people that decide to move their boat in the middle of a typhoon, no, you don't _need_ to go out into the storm. If it seems strong enough that you hesitate, then you in fact need to _not_ go outside. Lest you end up as one of those "what was he thinking?!" victims in the news the next day.

Anonymous said...

This popped into my head for some reason:

It came through Nagoya where I'm living today, but our ward was pretty much unaffected (at least it looked that way from my window).

Stay safe!