Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ishihara Shintaro's Little Boy and More

Regarding the attacks of 9/11, in speech he gave today in Aomori, here's Ishihara Nobuteru:


"Was this event not a historical inevitability, the revolt of the Islamic world against its domination by Western, Christian civilization from the time of the Industrial Revolution?"
Oh, someone is so not going to receive an invitation to speak in Washington from the Heritage Foundation.

Meanwhile, according to TV Asahi, Minister of Economics, Trade and Industry Hachiro Yoshio has resigned after joking about bringing back radiation from the Fukushima Power Station on his sleeve (ja).

It was an unfunny, black joke -- but let us be real, these guys are not professional comedians.

Hachiro was already in the doghouse for referring to the towns around the Fukushima Power Station as "dead cities." According to the LDP's Oshima Tadamori, this expression hurt the easily-bruised feelings of those evacuated from the irradiated towns.

Recall that the LDP and the New Komeito jumped all over Prime Minister Kan Naoto several months ago for his surmising out loud that the towns around the power station could remain uninhabitable for perhaps one or two decades -- and for the same, pathetic reason: that such talk hurts the feelings of the evacuated.

Frankly, not having jobs and being seperated from their networks of neighborhood relationships hurt the evacuated, not what this or that minister said.

[Major tip of the hat to Michael Penn of Shingetsu News for the Ishihara quote]

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Jan Moren said...

I've really come to appreciate The Amazing Shintaros. Their political performances are always so delightfully surprising.

And it's nice to see mob rule alive and well in Japanese democracy. If you don't like the appointment of an elected official, just shout them down. Any excuse, no matter how flimsy, is good enough if you have a soapbox big and powerful enough.