Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Official: Guilty

NHK flash news has reported that former Ozawa Ichiro secretaries Ishikawa Tomohiro, Okubo Takanori and Ikeda Mitsutomo have been found guilty of falsefying accounts for Ozawa's Rikuzankai political funding society.

In Diet Budget Committee, Ishihara Nobuteru has asked the Prime Minister for his reaction, whether or not he, as the head of the DPJ, thinks that the party should be reflecting upon the conviction one of its former members. The Prime Minister has demurred on offering an opinion, saying that the content of the court's decision is as yet unknown.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy why can't we see Ozawa resign, is it that hard to do so!
Come on this scum is getting a free ride

MTC said...

Anonymous -

The principle of innocent until proven guilty still applies, even to Ozawa.

Anonymous said...

Cannot be the only who cannot stand this guy, and the corruption is just unbelievable